The automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India especially in the Pune & Gujarat region. This industry has a large number of parts from small and delicate to large and extremely expensive and requires customized solutions developed for each item. These solutions very often require a range of materials including EPE Foam, wood and angle corners.

UPPL works with many leading automobile companies and has developed a variety of customized solutions for different applications.

Spare Parts




Heavy Duty Packaging for Bulk Transit


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Auto Components & Other Engineering Goods

Along with the growing Automobile industry the growth of the component suppliers is inevitable. Many manufactures also use the spare capacity to exports parts to various countries. UPPL with its many years of experience can develop customized solutions for various products however delicate or heavy duty it may be.





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The textile exports of India are growing rapidly. A lot of these exports are high quality products for the top retailers of the world such as WalMart, Target, Sainsbury, BBB etc. who have very strict packaging standards. UPPL is a nominated vendor for various retailers and is well aware of the packaging standards required.

These requirements range from High quality offset printed cartons to PDQ's and large size dump bins for bulk requirement.

Offset Printed Cartons

Customized Corrugated Solutions

Paper & Wooden Pallets

Dump Bins


Shelf Ready Packaging

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Storage, Logistics & Warehousing

We offer a range of solutions that have been deployed in many warehouses across the storage industry

Document Box

Corrugated Rack Bin

Large Storage Box

Packaging Rationalization

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FMCG industry requires large quantities at a competitive cost. With our latest automated machinery we are able to manufacture large volumes in a cost effective manner and with consistency in the quality. We are strong partners for companies looking for reliability in their supply chain.

Our facility has also been certified by various FMCG companies such as Coca Cola & Loreal for quality and social compliance.

Customized Boxes

Tea Packing Boxes

Shelf Ready Displays

Shoe Boxes

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Furniture & Household Goods

Packaging of furniture requires specially designed packaging as it is typically of large sizes and consists of many components.

Cutlery Packaging

Kitchen Equipment

Mat Packaging

Pan Packaging


The recent e-commerce boom in India has led to a requirement of large number of boxes in varying size for packaging a variety of products. We have many years of experience to design standardized packaging for e-commerce companies that will reduce the number of sku's but also give them the flexibility to pack a variety of products.

Fragile Items

Regular Boxes


The retail industry around the world is the most demanding with respect to the requirement of packaging standards especially their focus on colour. We have many years of experience manufacturing packaging for all the top retailers of the world including Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, JC Penny, Sainsbury etc. We have the ability to match the strict requirements using various printing processes such as flexo & offset coupled with the latest quality checking software and equipments.

Customized Bags


High Quality Printed Cartons

Fruits & Vegetables

With the quality of produce in India improving the quantum that is exported is also increasing rapidly. Fresh produce requires specialized packaging solutions that are light weight as well have water proof capabilities to withstand transportation through the cold chain. Maharashtra being one of the largest exporters of fresh produce in India has given UPPL the opportunity to develop specialized packaging for various types of fresh produce such as grapes, mangoes etc.



Solar Manufacturing

We have experience over the years in providing specialized packaging solutions for all components of rapidly expanding solar industry. We have designed packaging for modules and well as invertors using regular as well as heavy duty packaging solutions.

Invertor Packaging

Panel Packaging